More St Albans roads could become 20mph under cycling strategy

A cyclist in St Albans.

A cyclist in St Albans. - Credit: Archant

Roads frequently used by cyclists could be restricted to 20mph under dramatic new proposals.

The measure is one of a series proposed by the district council’s community, environment and sport scrutiny committee to encourage cycling in the district.

Chair Anthony Rowlands said: “Cycling is booming in popularity. It is a green form of transport and involves healthy physical exercise.

“As a council, we must encourage it by creating a safe and welcoming environment for cyclists across the district.”

The district council is reviewing areas to restrict to 20mph, including Sopwell and Old London Road in St Albans and Alexander Road and Manor Road in London Colney, working in partnership with the county council, which is working on a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

Other suggestions include new cycle paths connected to the Green Ring, a 10km cycle route around St Albans, and insisting developers pay for all new residential and commercial developments to have good cycling links.

The committee’s plan was put forward last year, but little was done with it by the council’s cabinet at the time.

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Cllr Rowlands said: “A full year has passed since the committee put forward 10 positive recommendations that could pave the way for a cycling revolution in the district.

“The committee wants to ensure Herts county council begins work on a Local Cycling and Infrastructure Plan for St Albans as soon as possible. This is an essential step in ensuring St Albans qualifies for funding to continue to develop an infrastructure that enables safe cycling and walking.

“It is a little disheartening the cycling strategy was not adopted by the council’s former portfolio holder and not all of our proposed measures are progressing yet.

“The committee felt there is some movement in the right direction, but that our plans need to shift up a gear. We will be expecting further progress in the months ahead.”

St Albans Cycling Campaign has been working on the strategy with council officers and the proposals for developers have been included in the Draft Local Plan, which was approved for public consultation earlier this month.