Man’s flat under three inches of water because of uneven flooring

Carer Nigel Gordon with stepson Danny King-Gordon in the bathroom which floods Danny's bedroom and h

Carer Nigel Gordon with stepson Danny King-Gordon in the bathroom which floods Danny's bedroom and hallway after every use due to uneven flooring. Picture: Danny Loo - Credit: Archant

A man with disabilities is left shivering after his home is flooded with three inches of water every time he showers.

An uneven bathroom floor in 28-year-old Danny King-Gordon’s flat started causing problems several years ago.

Stepfather Nigel Gordon, who feeds, washes, and puts Danny into bed, says he spends three to four hours after each shower mopping up the floor.

“It’s flooding into the living room, under his bed and into the hall.

“He is left freezing because I cannot get him out of the shower. It’s beyond a joke.”

A surveyor has told Nigel the floor needs taking up and a membrane putting down, and the wet room floor needs to be laid again.

Nigel said: “I only shower him once a week rather than once a day like he needs because he has accidents.

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“It’s so much stress because I have to move all his shoes so they do not get ruined by the flood water, and after every shower I have 20 towels that need washing.”

Ability Housing Association, who manage Danny’s Castle Mews flat, are not helping them, according to Nigel.

“No-one cares”, he says.

Director of property and asset at Ability Housing, Jackie Davis, said: “Ability Housing’s maintenance contractors notified us in August 2017 the floor slab was wet beneath the wet room vinyl floor covering, with the likely cause to be water penetrating from the outside. Staff and contractors have been in regular contact with the resident and his family since then.

“A temporary repair was carried out to prevent water penetrating further via low level air bricks while investigation work was carried out: maintenance staff identified an issue with the drainage in the carpark area to the front of the property. It was necessary to rectify this before carrying out long term remedial work within the flat.

“Contractors carried out further investigative work and carried out the remedial works within the car park area. It was then necessary to wait for the floor slab to dry out, before carrying out the flooring repairs.

“Ability is working with the family to identify a mutually acceptable solution and complete the repair as soon as practicable.”