Black cab rapist Worboys has links to Harpenden

London cabbie rapist John Worboys who is to be released from prison, as one of his victims has said

London cabbie rapist John Worboys who is to be released from prison, as one of his victims has said she feels "shocked, shaken and tearful" he is going to be released and fears he could still be a danger to women. Photo: Press Association/Met Police - Credit: PA

The infamous black cab rapist John Worboys, who is due to be released from prison following a controversial parole decision, previously had links to Harpenden.

Worboys was sentenced to an indeterminate sentence of imprisonment after being convicted of 19 offences, and has served ten years in jail.

However in November the Parole Board approved his release, without informing all of his victims.

Before being convicted, the former stripper made £1,000 a week from driving a black cab, and £20,000 a year from letting properties.

He then bought homes on the bank of the Thames, in Enfield, Dorset, and a £1m house in Harpenden, where he lived with his barrister girlfriend.

The Parole Board’s chairman, Professor Nick Hardwick has since apologised, saying: “I recognise there is a lack transparency of Parole Board processes and I have recently set out options for change.

“We will be launching a public consultation about how we share our decision making with the public.

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“I am very concerned some victims were not told about the decision, this must have been very distressing.

“There are robust arrangements in place for victims to be informed through The Victim Contact Scheme. We were told that had been done as usual in this case and released the decision on that basis.”

The Met Police said: “The Metropolitan Police Service worked closely with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) throughout the case of John Worboys.

“Liaison with the CPS continued post-trial, when the Met received allegations from a further 19 women. Each individual allegation was recorded and investigated.

“In June 2009 the CPS were notified of the additional complaints and they provided written advice in response.

“Each allegation was assessed by police against this advice and a decision was taken by police not to proceed. All 19 complainants were notified.

“As no new information has been received at this time, there is currently no live Met investigation.

“Should any further information come to light it will be fully investigated.”