Boundary changes: St Albans district could be split in two if London Colney is absorbed by Hertsmere

The proposed new boundaries for the St Albans constituency. Credit: Ordnance Survey.

The proposed new boundaries for the St Albans constituency. Credit: Ordnance Survey. - Credit: Archant

Boundary changes to the St Albans constituency could alter the result of the next General Election.

The Boundary Commission has published its proposed changes to the UK’s parliamentary constituencies.

As well as returning London Colney to the Hertsmere constituency, the proposals recommend adding the Watford suburbs of Woodside and Abbots Langley, with three Liberal Democrat councillors each, to the St Albans constituency.

St Albans Lib Dem leader Chris White said: “There is no doubt we will benefit, it’s a strong Lib Dem area where local votes transfer to the national vote.

“So it’s all good as far as we can see, which is quite remarkable.

“After the General Election, it is pretty clear who the natural challengers are.”

At the 2017 General Election, the Lib Dems came second behind the incumbent Anne Main.

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Another major change included the proposals is St Albans would lose London Colney, with the village becoming part of Watford instead.

Anne Main said: “I am very unhappy at the Boundary Commission’s proposals, as my loyalty is to those areas not just in the current constituency boundaries but also to those, such as London Colney, that are within the district boundaries.

“These changes would mean St Albans constituency cuts across three different local authorities, while parts of the district would be orphaned out to others.

“London Colney is a part of St Albans district. For over a decade I’ve worked for people in London Colney, forming close relationships and strong bonds, and it makes absolutely no sense to create orphan wards in neighbouring constituencies.

“The talk of notional majorities and assertions of political gain are of no interest to me. This is about the local communities who have an affinity with a certain area being represented in a sensible, democratic way.

“The principle of making constituencies equal size is absolutely the right one, and rebalancing our democracy in this way is vital to ensure people are better represented.

“However, I will be making strong representations to keep London Colney in the constituency.”

Hitchin and Harpenden’s boundaries would remain the same if the proposals go ahead.