West Ham United at Olympic Stadium and video technology: Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger in London Colney

Per Mertesacker in training at London Colney

Per Mertesacker in training at London Colney - Credit: Archant

Video technology is a vital tool which should be used in football, Arsène Wenger told reporters at today’s (Friday) press conference in London Colney.

Responding to a question about the latest offside rule adaptation, and whether interpretation of it would mean a change of tactics for the Gunners, Wenger said, “No, honestly no, I believe that the rule is quite clear”.

He added: “I come back to what I think should be the next step, which is the use of the video; goals scored – regular or not. Go upstairs, ask the opinion and if it’s a clear case, without wasting time, you could make the right decision.

“I can understand that the linesman cannot see, but you have to check the regularity of the goals, because it is too important.”

Wenger confirmed that, following the 2-1 win over Crystal Palace last Sunday (16), there were no reported new injuries from the team.

Asked whether Jack Wilshere would have any chance of being available for England sooner rather than later, Wenger said: “Playing before the international break is a bit too optimistic; it’s too early to think he would be playing for England. After the international break, he has a chance, but before the international break, he has no chance.”

Yesterday he said that Tomas Rosicky, “is progressing nicely, but he is far away [from returning]”.

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A reporter quizzed Wenger about the possible need for a public inquiry into the rental of the Olympic Stadium by West Ham United, because of claims that the club would benefit from a heavily subsidised deal.

Wenger was asked whether, as a rival manager, he felt it was an unfair advantage.

He responded: “Look it is very difficult to speak out on that because I don’t know the case. Any decision like that should be explained, because it is of public interest. It should be clearly explained what has happened.

“But I don’t know whether West Ham get an advantage or not.

“It is good in my opinion that the Olympic Stadium is utilised … and for a club like West Ham to be advantaged or not, I don’t know.”

The reporter added: “The Emirates cost a lot of money.”

Wenger replied: “We have the advantage of owning [Emirates Stadium] and West Ham will not have that advantage.”

Reflecting upon the upcoming Liverpool clash, Arsenal’s boss pointed out that the team the Gunners will face on Monday (24) is different to the one they beat 4-1 last season.

He went on: “Your confidence is linked with your last result. With Crystal Palace, we responded well, you could see they were a bit edgy at times, but we responded in a strong way, and from that, we should have enough confidence going against Liverpool.”

Per Mertesacker’s views that fans deserve a good home performance were echoed by Wenger who said: “The fans deserve a good home and away performance. Our job is to make the people who love this club happy. And when we don’t do it, of course you feel guilty.”

• Arsenal V Liverpool, Barclays Premier League, Emirates Stadium, Monday August 24, 8pm