St Albans weekend weather forecast

Market Place in St Albans in the snow.

Market Place in St Albans in the snow. - Credit: Archant

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for the area until mid morning, but says the rest of the weekend should be less cold.

The yellow weather warning is in place until 11am today, with temperatures just creeping up to a possible 3 °C.

No more snow is forecast for the weekend or coming week as temperatures are expected to climb back up to a maximum of 7°C on Sunday and possibly even 8°C on Monday and Tuesday.

The Met Office forecast for today is “slightly milder” and cloudy.

“Generally cloudy conditions will prevail. Widespread icy conditions prevailing. Maximum temperature 3 °C,” the Met Office states.

Tonight we can expect it to be cloudy and misty.

Compacted snow on the ground is likely to freeze so beware of icy roads and paths.

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Sunday’s forecast by the Met Office is “low cloud and mist slow to clear, allowing only limited sunny intervals to develop. Meanwhile showers or longer spells of rain continue, perhaps with some heavier bursts”.

St Albans can expect rain on and off during Sunday morning, a few rays of sunshine early afternoon and continuing intermittent showers until about 7pm.

Monday through to Wednesday should be milder and less windy, but with possible “widespread low cloud and patchy fog”.