Summer here at last? Warmer and drier May than average

Rothamsted Research, which collates weather data for the district. Photo: Danny Loo.

Rothamsted Research, which collates weather data. Photo: Danny Loo. - Credit: Archant

May was warmer and drier than average with just below average sunshine according to weather boffins at Harpenden's Rothamsted Research.

Rainfall was 33.9mm, which is 19.33mm below average. We had 14 days with 0.2 mm or more of rain, with one day recording more than 1.0mm. The greatest fall of rain was 5.3mm on May 30.

Sunshine was below average with 195.1 hours, with the most on May 27 with 12.8 hours. There were no days without sunshine.

The average maximum and minimum temperatures were above average at 17.9 ºC (+1.42 °C) and 8.4 ºC (+1.06 °C) respectively. The highest (max) temperature was 24.6 ºC on the 17th and the lowest (minimum) temperature was 3.3ºC on the night of the 9th.

We had no air frosts but four ground frosts.