Tree blown down in St Albans churchyard

A tree which fell in high winds in St Michael's church yard

A tree which fell in high winds in St Michael's church yard - Credit: Archant

Recent high winds brought down a tree across a public footpath in a St Albans churchyard.

A limb of the tree in the St Michael’s Churchyard, possibly a pine or spruce, clipped a cedar as it fell, distorting the shape, but fortunately did not come down on the wall of the vicarage, the Grimston family vault or other tombs.

The minister, the Rev Kenneth Padley, said he heard a gust of wind and a cracking sound. He commented: “It could not have fallen in a more fortuitous direction. If it had fallen south it could have taken out the wall of the vicarage.

Responsibility for removing the tree lies with St Albans council which has already sent someone down to look at it. Rev Padley added: “We are grateful to the district council for acting fast and dealing with this and their support in getting the public path open.”

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