Torrential rain prediction raises fears of floods in St Albans

Flooding could cause some difficulties for drivers

Flooding could cause some difficulties for drivers - Credit: Archant

Torrential rain has been forecast for St Albans tomorrow, and homeowners are warned of a risk of flooding.

The Met Office say there could be 20-40mm of rain between the early hours of tomorrow and Thursday.

They say this would be more than drains could cope with, creating some surface flooding which would affect driving conditions.

Insurance company NFU Mutual has warned the rain could potentially damage homes, vehicles and businesses.

Their rural affairs specialist, Tim Price, said: “When extreme weather strikes our first priority is to get immediate help to people whose families and animals have been put at risk.

“Despite the massive amount of technology now used by weather forecasters, it’s still difficult to accurately predict the intensity and path of storms. But tomorrow’s forecast does warrant concern and we recommend homeowners and farmers in flood-prone locations take precautions.”

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