St Albans district enjoyed warm weather but above average rain in May

Rothamsted research

Rothamsted research - Credit: Archant

St Albans district enjoyed above average temperatures in May, but also above average rainfall, according to Rothamsted Research.

The facility found there was 70.5mm of rainfall overall, which is 15.82mm above the mean average, taken over 30 years.

There were 16 days with 0.2mm or more of rain the district, and four days with more than 5mm.

The most rainfall was on Wednesday, May 17, with 22.3mm.

Additionally, there was a below average amount of sunshine, with 185.1 hours, 9.57 hours below average.

The day which had the most sunshine was Friday, May 26, with 14.8 hours of golden rays.

There was just one day without any sunshine.

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Both the average maximum and minimum temperatures for May were above average.

The maximum was 17.7C, which is 1.65C more than the average. The minimum was 8.7C, which was 1.79C above average.

As well as bringing the most sunshine, Friday, May 26 also had the month’s highest temperature with a glorious 24.6C.

The lowest temperature was recorded at night on Wednesday, May 10, at a chilly 0.3C.

There were two ground frosts and one air frost.