St Albans district temperatures reach 6-year high

Verulamium Park in the sun. Credit: Kevin Lines.

Verulamium Park in the sun. Credit: Kevin Lines. - Credit: Archant

St Albans residents basked in the sunshine as temperatures hit a six-year high at the weekend.

The weather station at Rothamsted Research Centre in Harpenden measured 24C for both Luton and Rothamsted, as we enjoyed some of the hottest weather in the country.

The only April temperature from the area the Met Office could find which beat that figure was on Saturday April 23 2011.

On that day, temperatures reached a scorching 25.4C.

What is notable about this result is that the 2011 record was two weeks later in the year than this result.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “To get that sort of temperature now is quite significant.”

However, this week, they are expecting temperatures to be about 10 degrees colder, as a cold front moves in, behind which there is a great deal of cold air.

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Yet the weather is still expected to be pleasant, according to the spokesperson.