Rothamsted Research report cool and damp August

Rothamsted research. Photo: DANNY LOO

Rothamsted research. Photo: DANNY LOO - Credit: Archant

Rothamsted Research has reported August was relatively cool, damp, and cloudy for the time of year.

Rainfall was above average, with 66.6mm altogether, which is 2.89mm more than average.

There were six days during which we suffered more than 5mm of rain.

The day with the most rain was Tuesday, August 8, with 14.2mm.

The mean maximum and minimum temperatures were also below average, 20.2C (1.39C below average) and 11.8C (0.03C below) respectively.

We had 170 hours of sunshine, which is 26.04 fewer than average.

But we enjoyed it on all but two days, the sunniest day being Sunday, August 13, with 11.6 hours.

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There were no frosts.

The average refers to the 30-year mean between 1980 and 2010.