June was wet and warm in St Albans

Rothamsted Research. Photo: DANNY LOO

Rothamsted Research. Photo: DANNY LOO - Credit: Archant

The month of June was warm, wet and sunny in the St Albans district.

According to Rothamsted Research weather centre in Harpenden, rainfall for the month was 87.4 mm, which is 34.14 mm above average.

The period had 18 days where there was 0.2 mm or more of rain, and on two of those days there was more than 5.0 mm rain.

The most rainfall fell on June 17 when 41.6 mm was collected.

Sunshine was above average with almost 200 hours which is 1.45 hours more than the average.

The mean maximum and minimum temperatures were also both above average with 20.5ºC and 10.9 ºC respectively.

The hottest day reached 29.6ºC on the 25th of the month, and the coolest night dropped to 5.7ºC on the 9th.

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There were no ground or air frosts.