August weather round-up: warm and rainy in St Albans district

Rothamsted research, who collated the data. Photo: Danny Loo.

Rothamsted research, who collated the data. Photo: Danny Loo. - Credit: Archant

Scientists have collated the weather statistics for St Albans district over the last month.

In stark contrast to the extreme heat of July, Rothamsted Research found that it was warm and rainy over August.

There were nearly two weeks with 0.2mm of rainfall, and five days had more than 5mm.

The wettest day was on August 9, which saw a downpour reaching 17.2mm.

Overall, there was 0.27mm more rain than the scientists would expect for August.

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Sunshine beamed down for 23 hours less than average, for 172 hours, but there was only one day without any sun at all.

August 4 was the sunniest day of the month, seeing 13 hours of rays.

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Although there were no frosts, temperatures across the district were below average - the maximum mean was 22C and the minimum mean was 12.5C.

The highest temperature recorded was on August 3, of 30C.

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