Water leak turns Harpenden footpath into “quagmire”

A water leak onto a footpath connecting Wheathampstead Road with Meadway in Harpenden has carved a c

A water leak onto a footpath connecting Wheathampstead Road with Meadway in Harpenden has carved a channel in the mud - Credit: Archant

A dog walker’s paradise has been turned into a quagmire after a burst water pipe has left water pouring down a pathway for weeks.

The footpath adjacent to Green Lane Close directly off the Wheathampstead Road in Harpenden is regularly used by dog walkers and those wanting to get away from the main roads.

But Dominc Crouch, 38, of Meadway - where the path leads onto - said for the past four weeks, a continuously flowing stream of water has left it inch deep with mud.

He said: “A water leak started to appear about four weeks ago and running down the footpath.

“Dog walkers use it as it quite a pleasant walk as it doesn’t feel like it is in Harpenden when you are walking down there and leads down towards The Spinney.

“It is like a stream like you would find somewhere in the Peak District and you can see it bubbling away.

“The path is now impassible and if you tried walking down there you would need wellington boots as it is disgusting and muddy.”

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He added that the leak was first reported to Affinity Water who claimed the water was sewage and passed it over to Thames Water.

However it was found to be fresh water and the issue passed back to Affinity Water.

Dominic said: “Only now they say it is fresh water and still haven’t done anything to fix the leak and instead have wasted time.

“It is obvious it is fresh water so instead of repairing in they have allowed thousands of gallons of water to pour down.

“How much water will be wasted while Affinity Water thinks about it? They recently announced a water-saving plan yet they are happy to waste all of that water.

“It’s a case of do as we say and not as we do.”

A spokesman for Affinity Water confirmed initial investigations found the leak on Green Lane Close was located near a drain, which was then reported to Thames Water.

He added that further investigations by both companies had established it is a fresh water leak, that has “occured intermittently.”

He said: “In order to repair the leak, we will need to identify the exact location, by excavating part of the road, which will require traffic management measures to be put in place.

“A further inspection of the site is currently being planned and will take place on March 30.

“We apologise in advance for any inconvenience to motorists which may result from the repair.”