Watch out for bikes, says St Albans victim’s wife

ST ALBANS: The wife of a cyclist who was injured when a car hit him as he travelled home from work has called on city-centre drivers to be more alert to cyclists.

Hazel Eccles, whose husband’s leg was broken in an accident in February, wants motorists to be aware of the impact low speed collisions have on peoples’ lives.

Almost six months after her husband, Rob, was knocked from his bicycle as he travelled along Victoria Street back from the station, he is still too weak to travel the mile from his home to the station and get into work in London.

Hazel, 32, said: “It’s been very tough for us, especially as we’re a young family.

“Our son was just 10 months old when the accident happened and he’d started crawling and Rob wanted to play with him, but it was impossible.”

Initially Rob, 35, was hospitalised for two weeks and required bed-rest for a further eight weeks as his cast, which stretched from the top of his leg to his foot, required him to keep his leg elevated.

As he was unable to get up the stairs, a bed had to be moved downstairs.

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Hazel, who lives in Folly Lane, added: “It has had a massive impact on our life and the time that Rob has missed with our son, he’ll never get back.

“He was a very active man and he still has to work from home due to his injury.

“People driving through the city centre are in such a rush and just taking the extra time to look out for cyclists can prevent accidents like this happening.”

The driver of the vehicle that hit Rob pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and received six points and a �150 fine.