Wandering Harpenden hamster returned home

HE may only have four tiny legs but nothing would stop daredevil ‘Harry’ the hamster from making a great escape by scampering from his owner’s home and into a neighbour’s living room.

Julia Duscherer Scott was watching television at her home in Churchfield, Harpenden, on Saturday when from out of nowhere she spotted a hamster running across her floor.

While she made several attempts to catch the runaway rodent she had to tempt him to come out from under her stairs using peanut butter and a piece of cheese.

She then lost sight of the plucky pet and it was only when he turned up a day later in her kitchen cupboard that she was able to give him a new home in her recycling box.

Julia, who has named the hamster Harry, said: “I was happily sitting in my living room watching the Olympics and the back kitchen door was open and I saw this furry thing scurrying across the floor.

“I thought it was a hamster because of its furry bottom. I tried to catch him but he went under the stairs.

“He must’ve got in through the back of our house but he would’ve had to climb up some steps. It was quite a journey for little hamster legs.”

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Julia was keen to find Harry’s owner, and so went around her neighbourhood posting leaflets through people’s doors to tell them about her discovery.

And on Monday night she received a call from an overjoyed mother, who said her son had been upset all weekend when they realised their hamster had escaped while they were cleaning his cage.

Harry and his owner have now been reunited, and Julia said the furry friend seemed very happy to be back in familiar territory.