Volunteer for St Albans first aid charity who saved her father’s life receives award

Alice receiving her award from Brian Heron-Edmends

Alice receiving her award from Brian Heron-Edmends - Credit: Archant

A brave girl who helped save her father’s life has received an award for her commitment to a first aid charity.

St John Ambulance cadet, Alice Mackay, 16, who volunteers for the St Albans unit, rushed to her dad’s side earlier this year when he had an anaphylactic reaction.

She assisted her mum, Lorna, who was following instructions from paramedics on the phone to help her dad, Daniel.

Alice, who has spent three years volunteering for the charity, said: “He had an allergic reaction to something he had eaten and he was unconscious and vomiting.

“My mum put him in the recovery position and I wrote notes on what observations my mother was taking and then I got a torch to look at his eyes.”

Alice said her training in first aid had helped her to stay calm at the time.

She continued: “It allowed me to stay calm and I knew what was happening and so I felt confident to support my mother who was treating him.”

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The ambulance arrived shortly after and took Daniel to Lister Hospital where he then recovered.

Alice has since been presented with the Grand Prior Award – the highest award a cadet can achieve.

She received recognition for her commitment to the charity and her efforts in studying 24 subjects, including first aid and working in the community.

Alice is currently studying A-Levels in chemistry, physics, biology and maths at Dame Alice Owen’s School, in Potters Bar, with hopes of going to university to study medicine.

She was handed the award by St John Ambulance district manager, Brian Heron-Edmends, at a unit presentation evening.

She added: “I’ve really enjoyed studying a range of subjects to complete my award.

“I feel proud and hope to inspire my fellow cadets to complete theirs.”