VIDEO: Game of Thrones’ star and Bafta winner in Bricket Wood film trailer

Film crews get to work on Plastic in Bricket Wood

Film crews get to work on Plastic in Bricket Wood - Credit: Archant

The star-studded trailer for a British heist movie filmed in Bricket Wood and featuring Game of Thrones’ Alfie Allen has been released.

Plastic is due to be released this spring and also features this year’s Bafta Rising Star Award winner Will Poulter and Hollyoaks alumni Emma Rigby.

Based on various true stories, the film follows a gang of friends who manage to infiltrate one of the biggest credit card companies in the world and pull off “one of the biggest and most audacious diamond heists ever committed in British history”.

Film crews set up camp in Hanstead Park – the site of the old HSBC training centre – which proved a fruitful location for production, with woods, an office block and a university-style building readily available.

Terry Stone, founder of the production company behind the movie, Gateway Films, enthused about the filming location this time last year: “Somebody contacted us about it and said it has just come on the market. When we had a look at it, it was just brilliant. There was a big mansion which we used as a five-storey hotel.”

The producer and actor, who also makes a cameo appearance in the film as he does with almost all his movies, is quick off the mark as to why people should watch Plastic when it comes out – not just because it’s filmed in Bricket Wood: “It’s an insight into a world you might not know about and it takes you on a journey.

“It’s funny, it’s got action, and it’s got romance.”

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Plastic is in UK cinemas May 2.