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A HOMELESS puppy found abandoned a few weeks ago is hoping for a happier New Year after being nursed back to health by the Blue Cross.

Lottie, an adorable six-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, had to have one of her legs amputated after being found by a member of the public starving, shivering and limping in a London park.

Named Lottie by staff, the sprightly white Staffordshire bull terrier pup was taken to The Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria, London, and an examination by vets revealed an old leg wound that had healed in the wrong position and was causing constant pain.

X-rays showed that the damage was irreversible so sadly Lottie’s leg had to be amputated to save her from a lifetime of pain and medical complications. But only a couple of days later, Lottie was recovering well and happily bouncing around her kennel on her remaining three legs.

Jessica Camilleri, Blue Cross nurse said: “At only six months old, Lottie has had a rough start in life but she’s the happiest little puppy you’ll ever meet. Despite being abandoned and losing her leg, she absolutely loves people and all the nurses instantly fell in love with her.”

As soon as Lottie’s leg was seen to be healing as it should, she was transferred from the hospital to The Blue Cross animal adoption centre in Kimpton Bottom, near Harpenden, where she has been busy befriending staff and other dogs.

Over the festive period Lottie will be enjoying long walks in the countryside to build up strength in her remaining three legs and use up some of her boundless energy. But staff are keen to hear from anyone who may be able to offer her a good home in the new year.

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Emma Pannell, Blue Cross deputy centre manager, said: “Poor Lottie will be spending her first Christmas in kennels but we’ll make it as enjoyable as possible and take her on a nice long walk on Christmas morning, along with the other homeless dogs at the centre.

“But the best Christmas present Lottie could hope for is a permanent home in the new year. She has so much love to give and deserves a second chance in life, she’ll be a cracking little dog.”

Lottie is looking for owners who will understand her physical limitations and give her lots of guidance and training to ensure she develops into a well behaved dog. She is active and playful and would like lots of walks and games to keep her entertained.

If you can offer a good home to Lottie in the new year contact The Blue Cross centre on 01438 832 232 or make a visit after phoning ahead for opening hours.

The charity does not rehome animals between the 20th December and 4th January to prevent them being given as Christmas presents but potential owners are welcome to visit and start the rehoming process.

Staff at the Kimpton centre will be caring for 11 cats and 25 dogs over Christmas, funded entirely by public donations. To find out more or make a donation, visit or keep up with news at the local centre at Facebook on