Vandals throw missiles at moving cars in St Albans

ST ALBANS: Stones were thrown at passing cars along a busy main road on Monday evening.

Yobs hid in the entrance to an alleyway opposite Garden Fields JMI School along Batchwood Drive, St Albans, and launched the missiles at three vehicles heading towards the Ancient Briton Junction at around 8pm.

A white Nissan had its front windscreen smashed, a black Mini’s side panel was damaged with the stone narrowly missing the passenger window and a Citro�n had its door pillar dented (pictured below) in the incident, which police are investigating.

Andrew Grigson was a passenger in the Citro�n his wife was driving and they are furious that they have been left having to pay �100 in insurance excess for the repairs and in doing so have lost their no claims discount for something that was not their fault.

They pulled over immediately after being hit by the stone as did the woman driving the Mini but the culprits had already fled the scene.

Mr Grigson said: “Their actions could have caused a serious accident, killing or seriously injuring someone. They should think about what they are doing and the trouble their actions cause people.”

He, along with the police, are hoping that witnesses will come forward with information about those responsible.

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Pc Lee Osborne, from St Albans Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “This is unusual for the area and I am keen to track down those responsible for this mindless vandalism.

He urged anyone who was in the area or had any information about the incidence to contact him on 0845 3300 222.