TikTok twins go viral after bad night's sleep video

Rhian Court and her twin sons.

Rhian Court and her twin sons. - Credit: Rhian Court

A light-hearted video reprimanding baby twins for giving their parents a bad night's sleep has gone viral on social media.

Rhian Court, the sleep-deprived mum of twins Ralph and Mason, recorded a two minute clip in which she has 'The Chat' with the boys.

With the boys sitting next to each other on the sofa, she waggled a finger at them and said: "Let's talk about last night. We're never, ever going to have that again."

But when they start to laugh, she adds: "No, it's not funny. There's nothing to laugh at. Poor Daddy slept on the floor and Mummy got no sleep. Absolutely we're never doing that again," prompting stern looks of contrition from the youngsters.

She explained: "They had woken up six times before midnight and then decided to be awake from 1-3am. We decided to bring them into our bed to try and settle them down but Ralph kept punching, pulling, poking and kicking Robbie so he decided that the floor was the better option!"

Rhian was amazed to see the video take on a life of its own, with hundreds of thousands of views and likes in just a matter of days.

@rhiancourt When you get the worst night sleep so you have ‘The Chat’ #twins #twinlife #twinning #twingoals ♬ original sound - rhiancourt

She explained: "The boys had a really bad night with sleeping, and wouldn’t settle at all, so in the morning I decided to make a video to send to my partner Robbie. He showed a colleague who found it really funny and said I should post it online!

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"I initially put it on my Instagram (rhian_andtwins) and lots of family and friends loved the video, so decided to post on Tiktok (@rhiancourt). 

"The next morning I woke up with around 5,000 views and a fair few comments and likes, which I didn’t overly think anything of, but when I checked back in later that afternoon it was nearly at 100,000 views across both platforms. Twenty-four hours later we was at half a million views,  45,000 likes, 2,000 comments and 3,600 shares… and it’s still growing! We couldn’t believe it!"

Ralph [left in the video and in white] and Mason [right and in blue] are identical twins who will be six months old next week. They were born seven weeks premature, but Rhian says they are now thriving and obviously very cheeky chaps.