TV presenter Tanya signs up for trust

PSYCHOLOGIST and TV presenter Tanya Byron helped a local health trust celebrate a milestone when she became its 12,000th member.

Tanya, who worked as a consultant clinical psychologist in Herts in the 1990s, joined the St Albans-based Herts Partnership Foundation Trust (HPFT) to mark the 12,000th membership at Forest House, the trust’s newly-refurbished facility for children at Harperbury Hospital where she once worked.

The multi-talented psychologist, journalist, author and broadcaster is best known for her work as a child therapist on TV shows like Little Angels and House of Tiny Tearaways as well as her columns in The Times and several women’s magazines.

During her time in Herts, she devised a Relating to People course which uses actors and role play to help frontline staff develop skills to deal with difficult people which remains central to the HPFT programme today.

Tanya said at the celebration: “Membership helps to support a range of activities which are vital to the development of local services for the future and I am delighted to become a member of the Trust. Anyone with an interest in mental health or learning disabilities can get involved and really make a difference.”

Her comments were echoed by Barbara Suggitt, HPFT company secretary, who added: “Having 12,000 people to support and help us improve is something that many businesses would envy and we want to continue to increase that number. So our message is simple: ‘Please join us and make a difference’.”

Anyone interested should call the membership office on 01727 804442 or visit their website at