Triple diamond wedding for St Albans couples

Margaret and husband Nigel Kiilin, Margaret's sister Jean and her Husband Eric Hawes both celebrated

Margaret and husband Nigel Kiilin, Margaret's sister Jean and her Husband Eric Hawes both celebrated their diamond wedding anniversaries within 2 weeks of each other - Credit: Archant

Three couples from the same family have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary within a month of each other.

Jean Hawes, 82, and husband Eric, 83, married on July 3, 1954, at the Abbey, with Jean’s sister Margaret Killen, 81, and husband Nigel, 85 following suit by tying the knot on August 7 at St Peter’s Church, and Ron Hawes, 85, and May, 81, third to marry on August 28.

The couples, who all hail from St Albans, have celebrated 60 years of marriage this year and been the proud recipient of a card from the Queen.

Jean met Eric at Townsend School but originally couldn’t decide between him and his younger brother.

She said: “I went with his brother first, and I used to go down to his mother’s house before we went to the pictures – I knew her because she used to be one of the cooks at our school.

“One week one brother would take me home, and the next week, Eric would take me home. Their mother used to say to me ‘oh I do wish you’d make up your mind’!”

The couple have been together since Jean was 17, and lived at their Rodney Avenue address for 54 years, with Jean holding a position as school cook at Cunningham Hill School for 32 years before she retired.

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Nigel met Margaret outside the then Ballito Stocking factory, now Morrison’s, on Hatfield Road, where Margaret was working at the time.

Nigel said: “I was standing outside, her bike busted a wheel and she ran in to the back of a car talking to her mate. She cut her chin and I took her home and that’s how we met.”

The couple have lived in St Albans all of their married life, with Margaret going on to work at Connells estate agent, and Nigel a freelance builder, before they both retired.

After 60 years together, the couples have one bit of advice for a long lasting marriage. They all echoed that it’s about “give and take”.

Ron and May decided to celebrate with a smaller affair, while Jean, Eric, Margaret and Nigel will be coming together with family for a celebratory meal this Saturday.