Holidaymakers held in hotel because EasyJet 'hadn't paid bill'

The Agadir Beach Club hotel, where Rachel Brown's family and other holidaymakers were prevented from leaving.

The Agadir Beach Club hotel, where Rachel Brown's family and other holidaymakers were prevented from leaving. - Credit: Rachel Brown

A St Albans woman has condemned EasyJet for abandoning an entire flight-load of passengers in a Moroccan hotel as the budget airline hadn't paid the bill.

It was just one of numerous failings experienced during a 28-hour delay in getting home from their Agadir holiday - during which nobody from the company was available to help.

Rachel Brown, who was on holiday with her husband, 16-year-old son and daughter, 12, said their flight was due to leave at 10.55am on Sunday, April 10, only to first be delayed by four hours and then overnight.

"The airport manager had no idea what was happening - we had to tell him and show him updates on our phone. There was no EasyJet rep on site but eventually we were taken to the Agadir Beach Club hotel and told EasyJet would be paying for dinner, bed and breakfast.

"The room was OK, despite the cockroaches, and my husband got food poisoning from the evening dinner having not eaten anything all day. Throughout the night there was still no word from EasyJet.

"In the morning our flight was first set for 1.30pm then changed to 3.30pm, and we were told we were being collected by coach at 11.35am. But when all the passengers gathered in the lobby at around 10.45-11am we were told we couldn't leave until the bill was paid in full and the managers blocked the doors to try and stop us getting out.

"When we made it into the coach they blocked it from leaving, before telling us there was an outstanding drinks bill which needed paying. We all clubbed together to pay it as there was still no word from EasyJet, but they still would not let us leave.

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"By 12 we were all starting to panic because we had to be at the airport by 1.30pm and it was a 35-40 minutes drive. People were taking their bags off coach to get taxis but then the hotel staff told cabs to go and the ones that stayed charged over double.

"We told the hotel managers that they were keeping us against our will and when I filmed them they got upset. Finally, at around 12.45pm EasyJet paid in full and the coach was allowed to leave, arriving at the airport around 1.30pm.

"There was still no EasyJet rep at the airport, and after finally getting on the plane at 3pm we later found out the plane that had been sent from Gatwick had been on the runway since 1.30.

"We finally got home 9pm Monday when we should have been back 3.40 Sunday afternoon."

EasyJet has been contacted on multiple occasions for comment, but has not responded to our requests.