Traders voice more concerns over St Albans market

Market Day in St Albans

Market Day in St Albans - Credit: Archant

MORE traders have voiced concerns about the problems on St Albans market with one businessman claiming a complete review is required.

It comes after the Herts Advertiser launched a campaign last week to drum up market support and revealed that unhappy traders felt that officials weren’t pulling their weight.

Despite the council’s assurance that they try their best to organise the market, one stallholder is still not convinced.

He said: “They are simply not doing their job well enough and they are not overseen. They make the rules up as they go along.

“So many different things have happened and the market managers do not seem to care about traders at all. It’s our livelihoods they are playing with.”

He went on: “It would be nice to have a voice as at present the traders don’t and anything you say to the managers is met with a brick wall.”

Recently just under a dozen traders were turned away from the market due to a lack of stalls, prompting regulars to query why all the metal frames were not put out.

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Anthony said traders would soon go elsewhere if they could not get a stall, which would stop the market from being diverse and in turn deter visitors.

Mike Skinner, a fellow salesman and shop owner, said: “There seems to be no forward plan from the council to develop the market, or to address the many issues such as the amount of rubbish which has to be cleaned up after the market is closed.

“There are faults on both sides and until the parties concerned sit down and elect responsible members to deal with the problems, then the market will deteriorate even more.”

The director of Masters in Lights said he would like to hear from a responsible member of the council willing to take on and manage the regeneration of the market and high street trade.

He added: “Many of the problems with the market are minor and could be solved with hardly any expense if everybody got together and sat down to discuss them reasonably; however I get the impression that it’s a lot easier to spend one’s time running down the system and doing nothing than stepping forward and taking on the problems.”