Thirteen-year-old Bricket Wood biker issues plea for stolen motocross bike

Finley works hard in school in order to pursue his hobby and dream

Finley works hard in school in order to pursue his hobby and dream - Credit: Archant

The mother of a 13-year-old whose motocross bike was stolen together with his father’s and a fellow cyclist’s has issued a heartfelt plea for help to find them.

Nicola Kalozois, 38, of Halifax Close, Bricket Wood, was devastated when she went with her teenage son Finley Thompson to her friend’s garage to find the bikes had been stolen on Tuesday evening.

They had visited her friend’s home in Old Watford Road, Bricket Wood, where the bikes were stored, to collect her son’s bike for use the next day only to find all three had gone.

The family who own the garage were away on holiday and the bikes, which were chained together, could have been taken between 3pm last Sunday, August 9, and 5pm on Tuesday, August 11.

The bikes, which had a combined value of more than £19,000, would have had to be dismantled before being stolen.

Nicola said that her son was shattered by the theft. “The thieves have ripped my son’s dream away from him.”

Finley, who goes to Marlborough Science Academy, broke his leg twice in 2013 and but carried on pursuing the sport as soon as he was better.

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Nicola said that his motorcross bike was his motivation in life, and he worked hard in school to be able to pursue his dream of becoming a motorcross cyclist in the future.

She said: “It was like telling him somebody had died.

“He first rode a two wheel bike when he was just 18 months. We got him an electric bike when he was three, and he had his first motorcross bike aged six.

“He was a wild child and the second he got on the bike it was life changing for him. It made him focus and now we’ve created a motorcross family.”

Finley spends his weekends doing motorcross cycling with his dad, Jason Thompson, who took up the sport after his son, and Nicola, who is no longer with Finley’s Dad said it was important bonding time for them.

She explained: “If we can’t find this bike it means he’ll lose that quality time he’s used to having with his Dad.”

Finley had been competing regularly at all the latest Enduro races, where he recently climbed to second place. He was hoping to reach first place at a race in September, which he won’t be able to do without his bike.

Nicola said: “We have invested and sacrificed a lot for him to be able to do pursue this as a hobby. It’s been a very emotional couple of days.”

She added: “As a family we appeal to anyone who knows anything, might have seen a suspicious vehicle in the Bricket Wood area. Anyone who might be offered motorcross parts cheap, and to all motorcross lovers as they will know and appreciate how devastating this is. As a community we need to pull together to stop these burglaries.”

Finley’s bike was a 2014 Honda CRF with white plastics and Number 10 Finstar number boards. It was valued at £5250.

Jason’s bike is worth £9,000 and was a 2012 Kawasaki KXF 250 with green monster graphics.

Finley’s friend Wayne Byrant’s bike would cost £3800 to replace and is a 2007 Orange KTM 450 EXC.

If you have any information call the police on the non-emergency number 101.