Ten years ago in the Herts Advertiser - August 17 2006

The Herts Advertiser ten years ago - August 17 2006

The Herts Advertiser ten years ago - August 17 2006 - Credit: Archant

Making the news 10 years ago was an irate dad who took umbrage at his 15-year-old daughter being locked in a police cell for three hours, after she threw a balloon filled with water at a window.

The Nicholas Breakspear School pupil was also fingerprinted, photographed and given a formal caution after a ‘friendly’ water fight outside her home, when the teen accidentally threw a water bomb at a neighbour’s home.

Police officers claimed the window was smashed as a result, according to the Herts Ad story published on August 17, 2006.

Her fuming father was so angry that he complained directly to Scotland Yard.

He said the family carried out an experiment, trying to break their own window with water balloons. The father added: “It’s impossible to break a double-glazed window with a water balloon, and I’m a 14-stone man.”

In sports news, ‘mighty’ Matt Henderson of Harpenden was the first non-American student to be picked to play for the US Minor League Allstars in Las Vegas.

Despite weighing 17-and-a-half stone the former St George’s School pupil had to bulk up, as he said he was “small” compared to his teammates.

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