Teenager kills himself after running into road

A “CARING” teenage boy who was on his way to work in St Albans took his own life by running out in front of a car on a main road, an inquest heard on Wednesday.

Craig Burns, 18, a former Townsend School pupil, was struck by the car on the A4147 Hemel Hempstead Road, at its junction with Appspond and Beechtree Lane, just before 5pm on February 15.

The student of Keats Close, Hemel Hempstead, had been travelling to his temporary job at Marks & Spencer, but had texted his friend minutes earlier telling him that he was sorry and had left a note under his mattress.

Coroner Edward Thomas was told how Craig was an “amusing” boy and he was doing well at West Herts College where he was studying.

His friends said he seemed a “bit down” and had offered to listen if there was anything bothering him, but otherwise said he seemed his usual self.

Craig hadn’t turned up to work the day before but informed his friend on the afternoon of his death that he was coming in.

A little while later he then texted another friend saying “I am sorry there is a note under my mattress”.

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His friend replied saying “Don’t” and then again saying “Please” but when he didn’t receive a reply he immediately contacted Craig’s mother.

The inquest also heard in a statement from Gary Joslyn, the driver of the Citr�en C3 which Craig collided with, that he had seen him waiting at what he thought was a bus stop on the A4147.

Mr Joslyn’s statement read: “All of a sudden the male started to run towards my car and he had his arms outstretched. I could remember seeing him and he seemed relaxed and then there was a big bang.

“I thought this young man had thrown something at the car. I stopped the car and then I realised what had happened.”

Pc Matt Hollingsworth, who went to the scene, confirmed there was nothing the driver could have done.

He also explained that according to calculations the vehicle was travelling at between 31 and 46 miles per hour, which was below the 60-mile per hour speed limit.

The note, which Craig left to family and friends, was not read out but Herts coroner, Edward Thomas, described it as being very complimentary to his loved ones.

Recording a narrative verdict Mr Thomas concluded Craig had taken his own life and died from multiple traumatic injuries.

He said: “He obviously had a lot of good friends and was very fond of his family. His note has detailed about his love for his family and his love for his friends and his feelings that he wishes to take his own life, but does not explain to us why which I think is sad.

“People felt highly of him, his friends liked him, his family loved him and that is what comes over. He gave a lot to people, he didn’t realise that.”