Teenage boy died after being hit by two cars in London Colney

Daniel Handscombe

Daniel Handscombe - Credit: Archant

A TEENAGER died from his injuries after he was hit by two cars near to a pedestrian crossing when he stepped into the road on a green light.

An inquest heard yesterday that Daniel Handscombe, 13, was walking to meet a friend when he came into the path of two vehicles on Shenley Lane on December 17 last year.

Both drivers were on their way home from work at around 5pm when they struck Daniel, of Norris Close, which caused him to suffer a head injury with extensive skull fracture.

Speaking at the inquest one of the drivers Salvatori Berardi said: “I was just driving along and suddenly, unexpectedly something hit my windscreen. I was shocked and terrified.”

He added: “When I got out of the car I was so shocked I could not even stand on one leg. A lady came towards me and said ‘I got him, I got him, my god I hit him’.”

Mr Berardi also described himself as a “careful driver” and estimated he was travelling around 30mph at the time.

The other driver Janet Heath, who was coming from the opposite direction, also told yesterday’s inquest the traffic lights had been on green for some time.

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She said: “I was driving along I just got literally over the lights I heard the most horrific bang and saw something fly past the window.

“I tried to get out of my car and I couldn’t so I climbed across the passenger seat. Somebody said there was something in the road and to call an ambulance.”

Investigating officer Pc John Speers said it was likely the teenager was running across the road, and his colleague Pc Chris Naughton noted the friend Daniel was due to meet also witnessed the accident.

Herts coroner Edward Thomas, who recorded an accidental death verdict, said: “I feel very sad for Daniel and for his family. It must be awful that he was crossing a crossing that should have been crossed when it was red.

He added: “When you are a driver and see lights that are green for a long distance you assume it is OK to go across.”