Summer snow in Harpenden?

Fresh snow arriving at the school

Fresh snow arriving at the school - Credit: Archant

WHILE temperatures were soaring across the country this week, one school managed to stay cool in the summer heat when fresh snow was delivered to their playground.

The snow pile

The snow pile - Credit: Archant

Over a ton of the white stuff was gifted to High Beeches JMI School in Harpenden by Hemel Hempstead’s Snow Centre after one of the pupils, Zoe Birch, won an art competition.

The 10 year old’s fellow students donned their warmest gloves despite temperatures reaching highs of 30 degrees on Monday so they could roll up snowballs and make snowmen.

Zoe said: “It was an awesome day! My head was really hot in the sun and my feet were cold in the snow.”

Her mum Linda went down on the day and said each class took it in turns to have a play. She added: “It was lovely. When the parents came up at half three all the children’s siblings were having a go too.”