Street food market in St Albans city centre to celebrate Eid

St Albans Museum is being illuminated in green to mark the end of Ramadan and Eid.

St Albans Museum is being illuminated in green to mark the end of Ramadan and Eid. - Credit: Raihaanah Ahmed

A street food market is taking place in St Albans this evening to mark the Muslim festival of Eid.

The event will include food stalls from Infuse, Moroccan Kitchen and Churro Boyz, and will feature a henna artist, hijabs, authentic sweets, homeware gifts, Eid cards, bubble tea and mocktails.

It runs in Market Place between 4-8pm, and the evening will be rounded off with a live Athan and St Albans Museum being illuminated in green to mark the end of Ramadan and to celebrate Eid.

Organiser Raihaanah Ahmed of Sopwell Community Trust said: "The sad reality is that the central St Albans market has been wholly unrepresentative of the city’s ethnically diverse population. It always felt inaccessible to the community’s businesses.

"I have worked super hard to help women who have had ambitions to start their own businesses get their stalls organised for today. Women who for various reasons haven’t been able to enter or re-enter work but have many hidden talents.

"Each sale will have a deep meaning to them and their confidence. I know this because I have felt it almost every day as a small business owner. So please do take a minute to drop by their stalls.

"And you’ll see a lot of young faces. I can’t tell you have proud I am of them. Level of thought, creativity and sweat inducing hard work they have put into their stalls is astounding. Their enthusiasm is infectious. They are beyond excited at this opportunity so please do show them some love.

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"To my friends who seek this experience outside of the city, I am asking you to support local talent and help bolster local enterprises. Today is the first step to unearthing the treasures that this city holds. It won’t be polished but it will be authentic and full of heart.

"To my Muslim sisters and brothers - for so long we have always travelled to London or Luton for our Eid shop, today I am encouraging you to spend your pounds in the city and throw your support behind the businesses and their dreams."

The team at Al Furqan St Albans community faith group said: "We are delighted to represent and serve the community whilst also working alongside our fellow Muslim businesses at a historic event!

"Our vision to facilitate learning, cultivate and nurture Islam and provide facilities to enable the community to fulfill their obligations - we can only thank the organisers who have enabled us to continue our positive impact on our community in St Albans. A massive thank you to Raihaanah from the entire team!"

New business The Chutney Bar said: "We are so excited to attend this opportunity to meet and greet people from the wider community. It is to showcase the importance of integration and belonging. A lot of gratitude to Raihaanah who is working hard to make the day successful!"