Storms cause havoc in Jersey Farm, St Albans

Flooding in Jersey Farm and Newgate Close

Flooding in Jersey Farm and Newgate Close - Credit: Archant

The wild weather of the past week saw homes in Jersey Farm struck with the full brunt of its effects.

Flooding hit Newgate Close during Sunday’s thunderstorms, with water rising high enough to pour into cars – a problem blamed on the clogging of drains from leaves and branches of a nearby tree.

Richard Harvey, 41, of Newgate Close, said: “Most people took it in good spirits, with some taking exception to the people trying to drive through the water at speed to get through to their homes.

“As for myself, I had water over the top of my wellies, but managed to move my car with water just millimetres away from spilling into the car. My neighbours unfortunately were not so lucky.”

High waters covered exhausts, leaving some residents unable to move their cars, instead sitting out the storm in their homes.

Then from storms to sunshine, as in a bizarre weather twist the floods were cleared in a matter of hours. “My daughter went out and walked the dog later on,” Richard added.

The council has since assured residents they will clear the drains as soon as they have someone available.