Proposed parking changes for St Albans are not welcome in all streets

Changes to parking restrictions are being proposed for streets around St Albans.

Changes to parking restrictions are being proposed for streets around St Albans. - Credit: Archant

Consultation into a major review of parking provision across a large section of St Albans has prompted angry reactions from some sections of the community.

The scheme affects the so-called Ladder Roads, the Marshalswick South ward (north of Sandpit Lane), and the original Zone P areas, and comes in the wake of an informal consultation back in February.

It proposes reducing the number of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) from four to three – including creating a new Zone LR for the Ladder Roads – and reducing shared use parking designed for Resident Permit Holders and Pay by Phone parking.

The new Zone MS for Marshalswick South will mostly be a shared use parking zone, with restrictions from 11am-1pm on Mondays to Fridays.

It also recommends increasing the cost of parking day rates to £5.40 in line with the city’s short stay commuter car parks.

But Gill Owen of Charmouth Road believes the plans are unfair on some residents: “Although the single yellow lines proposed will allow better and safer traffic flow, and are to be welcomed, I do question the proposal when it comes to pay parking. It seems the burden of commuter parking is not being equally spread among similar streets as would be fair and reasonable.

“It is proposed that some roads are to lose over half their on-street parking provision to yellow lines and have to take commuter parking in all the remaining spaces. This seems grossly unfair and arbitrary when other roads which have a similar level of driveway parking get 100% of their spaces for residents only AND no loss of spaces to yellow lines.

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“All streets should have a similar amount of available resident parking. Under the current proposal commuters are being foisted on just a few roads rather than spread evenly across the area. This scheme massively disadvantages some roads leaving them with insufficient capacity for their residents.”

Marshalswick South Conservative councillor Richard Curthoys said: “Despite promises made by Cllr White, the portfolio holder for parking, prior to the 2019 local elections, the impact of the Clarence CPZ on residents in Marshalswick South has been severe. When a resident asked a local Lib Dem councillor if this could be reviewed and revised, she stated that it was illegal to do so. Whereas the SADC legal department stated this was possible, only the will was required.

“It’s perfectly understandable that residents without off-street parking in terraced homes should be able to park near their properties and that commuter parking should be discouraged at these locations.

“However the wide roads in Clarence Ward where residents have ample off street parking should not be included in a CPZ as this has had the effect of displacing parking to Lancaster Road, Battlefield Road, Charmouth Road, Gurney Court Road and Homewood Road, making residents’ lives very difficult due to commuter parking and consequent congestion.

“All it takes is a little imagination and creativity, something that is clearly lacking in the current administration. I have formally objected to the proposal supporting residents whilst my fellow Lib Dem councillors on Marshalswick South have stayed silent.”

Council leader Cllr Chris White explained that the process of reviewing the proposals was ongoing, so no final decision had been made.

“The issue of course is that the consultation is still open and that people need to send in their concerns.

“Officials will respond and then send final recommendations to ward councilors. I then sign off in the light of the recommendations and the ward councillors’ comments.”

Consultation on the proposals is open until Friday September 11. To have your say, email or write to Ladder Roads Consultation 2020, Parking Development, St Albans City and District Council, St Peter’s Street, St Albans, AL1 3JE.