St Albans woman urges dog owners to be responsible after her cat is mauled by three greyhounds

Kimberley's cat Kimba was mauled to death by three Greyhounds

Kimberley's cat Kimba was mauled to death by three Greyhounds - Credit: Archant

A woman whose cat was mauled to death by three greyhounds has urged dog owners to be vigilant with their pets.

Kimberley Bird, 35, of Jersey Farm, St Albans, was distraught when she found that her beloved cat Kimba had died just outside her home after three greyhounds attacked and killed it recently.

The greyhounds were being walked, without a lead or a muzzle, by their owner who was a distance away.

But the owner, who was aware of what happened, walked away without an apology.

Kimberley said: “[I’m] just heartbroken, she was such a beautiful little thing and to think that her last moments on earth were so brutal is so hard to deal with.”

She continued: “My house opens up onto a field and my poor cat was sat outside the house under a tree when three greyhounds ran towards her and literally ripped into her. She died pretty soon after the attack apparently.

“The owners were over the other side of the field and had no chance of getting to the dogs in time. A little boy in the park saw everything and told me exactly what happened.”

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Kimberley followed the man, asking for his contact details and urged him to put muzzles on his dogs.

Kimberley, who owns dogs herself, said: “The guy said that ‘that’s what dogs do’ and he had no intention of putting muzzles on them to prevent a repeat attack.

“I got very upset and screamed and shouted and cried and swore and after following him for 20 mins [sic] to see where he lived. He asked me if he gave me his number would I leave him alone, so I said yes I would.”

She continued: “I have three dogs of my own so don’t want any harm to come to his dogs, [I] just need to know this can never happen to anyone else. My poor cat wasn’t even a year old and must have been so terrified and to think her last moments on earth were so sickening, just really hurts me and it’s gonna [sic] stick with me forever.”

Following persistence from Kimberley the owner apologised on Wednesday (3), promised to keep his dogs on a lead, and has offered to pay for Kimba’s cremation.

Kimberley added: “So although it’s tragic, it’s ended in the best way possible.”

Despite the situation being resolved Kimberley is still concerned about the lack of support she received from Herts Police on the matter with officers suggesting there wasn’t anything they could do.

She said that it was only after the Herts Advertiser requested a comment that she received a call, but following the recent response from the owner she has decided not to take action any way.

A Herts Police spokesperson confirmed: “An appointment was arranged for an officer to visit the lady at her home but this was then cancelled by the lady (on August 3) who said she had since spoken to the dog owner and now no longer wishes for police action to be taken.”