St Albans woman searching for other witnesses after ‘vivid blue’ UFO sighting

Night sky with stars shot.

Night sky with stars shot. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A woman who spotted an unidentified flying object over Wheathampstead is searching to find anyone else who saw the strange phenomenon.

At about 10pm on Monday evening, Dawn Weeks was sitting watching TV with her curtains open when she saw something in the sky.

She says a vivid blue glowing object, the size of a football, flew across the skyline for about 10 seconds and then was gone.

It looked to be far away, Dawn says, and left no trail characteristic of a shooting star.

“I am 76 years old so I am not a silly little kid. I thought, ‘Oh my God, what on earth was that?’,” Dawn explained.

“I am level headed, but I was so excited I told my neighbours and I rang my sister.

“It looked like the size of a football but it wasn’t a football. I have never seen whatever it was before and I am not sure what it could have been, something military?

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“Quite honestly I have no idea.”

She has ruled out aeroplanes, drones, and meteorites, and is now stumped as to an explanation.

Dawn, who has lived in St Albans for 53 years, said she will never forget the sight, which made her feel excited, but “funny”.

“Afterwards I ran upstairs to see if I could see anything but obviously I couldn’t because it had gone. Then I wrote a note [to her two sons] and carried on watching TV.

“Surely somebody else must have seen something that night. Some people sit outside the pub for go for a walk, surely somebody saw it too.”

This is not the first time a UFO has baffled a St Albans resident - in 2010 an anonymous London Colney man heard mysterious bangs and saw 10 “orange glows” zooming across the sky.

He said they were travelling too fast to be Chinese lanterns, which have explained various other similar sightings in the area around that time.

A year earlier, Robert Thomson, of Roundfield Avenue in Batford, said he saw more than 35 orange orbs in the sky, hovering for a while before taking off at speed.

In 2015 Marshalswick resident Sue Ibbison saw a round silver object above Hatfield Road “moving steadily in the sky” on her way to work.

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