Daughter of fatal crash victim demands changes to make Redbourn Road safer

Whitney Elizabeth Hughes with her mum, Gillian Williams, who died on Redbourn Road in a traffic acci

Whitney Elizabeth Hughes with her mum, Gillian Williams, who died on Redbourn Road in a traffic accident on October 9 where Tony Southwood was also tragically pronounced dead at the scene. Picture: Whitney Elizabeth Hughes - Credit: Archant

The grief-stricken daughter of a Redbourn fatal crash victim has set up a petition as part of her campaign to get the local authority to make the road safer.

Whitney Elizabeth Hughes' mother, Gillian Williams, and motorist Tony Southwood both died after being involved in a collision on the Redbourn Road on Wednesday, October 9.

Whitney, 28, of Worley Road, is desperate to stop anyone else from being killed on the road.

She launched the Make Redbourn Road Safe petition on December 21 to encourage Hertfordshire Highways to install speed cameras, street lights and improve the drainage.

At present over 2,600 people have signed the petition on the Change website which states: "Countless lives have been destroyed on this road yet hardly anything has been done by the council to prevent this happening again.

"Please take a moment to sign this petition to encourage Hertfordshire County Council Highways to put road users safety first. Installing speed cameras and street lights can save lives!"

Whitney Elizabeth said: "St Albans residents are eager to see vital safety improvement implemented on the road before another tragedy happens.

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"My mum was only 55 when she died. She was on her way back from work. She was a hard-working woman and had just moved back to work in her home town of St Albans and was so excited about being back.

"My mum told me several times that Redbourn Road is dangerous and to be careful as people have died in accidents there. I am devastated that my mum has had her life taken away from her at such a young age. I really hope that something can be done to prevent more deaths on this road."

Comments on the petition include Zena Chennis who said: "My dearest best friend Gillian Williams was killed on this road and something seriously needs to be done. This is not the first life lost and it definitely wont be the last if something doesn't get done now."

Supporting the petition, Elaine Rattigan said: "I live in Redbourn and have to drive this road, people drive too fast and there's dangerous overtaking, not keeping to speed limit, flooding & bad lighting. Something needs to be done."

To sign the petition go to https://www.change.org/p/st-albans-district-council-make-redbourn-road-safe