St Albans rescue cats need your help to pay for dental surgery

Dexter has his teeth sorted out, thanks to the generosity of St Albans cat lovers.

Dexter has his teeth sorted out, thanks to the generosity of St Albans cat lovers. - Credit: Archant

A St Albans cat lover has found a purrfect solution to fix her kitties’ dental dilemma.

Lisa Rosato cares for cats and currently has 10 that she rescued but she has been helping stray and vulnerable felines all her life.

Five of the cats she has now needed dental treatment costing between £400 and £500 each, so her friend Sandra James set up a fundraising page to help them their teeth fixed and shared it on the Facebook group St Albans Cat Owners.

Sandra said: “I have been so touched by everyone’s generosity as well as by those who have donated outside the group.

“So far nearly £1,000 has been raised.”

This meant that Dexter, a ginger cat, was able to have his urgent treatment last week where four teeth were removed.

The vet thinks that he was kicked in the face and his teeth were knocked out of alignment.

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Lisa, 54, who works part-time in a clothes shop, said: “I love these cats with all my heart.

“I class them as my family. People do not always appreciate how important dental health is to cats.

“There are so many more cats homeless I wish I could help but I simply don’t have the money.”

On the fundraising page, Sandra has told each cat’s story. Black and white Jake was living on scraps in a garden when Lisa rescued him as a kitten at 22 weeks. He is now nine and prefers to live outside. Three months ago he came home with a broken tooth which will need to be removed and the rest of his teeth cleaned.

Jess was only a year old and a matted bag of bones when she was found on a common with her deformed kittens. She was struggling to eat, her breath smelled and she lost a tooth two weeks ago. Five teeth were taken out yesterday and she is now recovering. She’s not very happy at the moment!

Tabby and white kitty Eddie came from a loving home but his owner couldn’t keep him and his siblings in their small flat so Lisa took Eddie home and re-homed his brother.

His gums are sore and bleeding.

If you want to help with this necessary dental work of these cats, please visit