St Albans woman donates money to improve the life of an 18-year-old

Shona, 18, now has enough money to buy a power chair

Shona, 18, now has enough money to buy a power chair - Credit: Archant

A generous woman has donated the remaining amount needed to complete a fundraising campaign to help improve the life of a genetic disorder sufferer.

Shona Cobb, 18, who lives in Jersey Farm, has Marfan Syndrome, a disorder that affects the connective tissues in the body. She was fundraising to buy a power chair that would allow her to leave the house by herself unlike the wheelchair she currently uses which is reliant on the assistance of others.

She had raised about 55 per cent of her target, when Sarah Evans, who lives in Jersey Farm, donated the remaining amount of £865 after reading about the situation.

Sarah said: “As a local resident whose father has had two surgeries on his back this year I wanted to help out.

“Also that Shona had set up a blog to help others, I felt that she deserved some help too.”

Shona now has enough money to buy her power chair which will allow her to be more independent and carry out everyday tasks such as going to the shop and getting on the bus.

She hopes to get her new chair in the next few weeks and said: “When I saw that I had reached my goal of £2,000 it took me a while to process it as I never imagined that I would raise all the money so quickly.

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“Even now it seems like a dream, I want to say thank you to anyone who donated as this will truly change my life.

“I’m excited to be getting my new power chair within the next few weeks and I’m looking forward to regaining some independence; the future looks a lot brighter now thanks to everyone’s generosity and I will be forever grateful.”

Shona has a blog which she uses to share her experiences with her medical condition to help other sufferers.

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