St Albans Westminster Lodge fencing change to help Abbey Theatre

ST ALBANS: A condition requiring continuous fencing around the new Westminster Lodge scheme has been amended to help the Abbey Theatre as much as possible.

As a condition of planning permission for the new leisure centre, a continuous solid fence was to be constructed to enclose the frontage of the site until all clearance and building works had been completed.

But St Albans planning referrals committee agreed on Tuesday to change the condition so that fencing goes around each operational area on a phased basis instead.

One of the reasons was to prevent the Abbey Theatre at the rear of the site being totally obscured while the new leisure centre is under construction.

Chairman, Cllr Chris Brazier, explained: “Instead of putting it around in one hit we are going to phase it so the fencing is only around the area where contractors are working. It was felt that as long as safety issues were dealt with, fencing should be put up where work is being carried out.”