St Albans video show puts Herts talent on display

Presenter Ronit Gerber and guest Susan Heaton (episode yet to air).

Presenter Ronit Gerber and guest Susan Heaton (episode yet to air). - Credit: Archant

From Zoella to Jacksgap, many have taken to YouTube to harness their creative talents and now Hertfordshire is home to the latest video series.

The Creative Herts Show, now in its third week, is filmed at St Albans based 21st Century Studios and aims to celebrate the best ‘creatives’ of the area.

Producer Clifford White said: “YouTube is taking off in such a big way now, I thought it would be such a cool idea if we created a show that gave voice to some of this amazing talent that lives in the area.”

The show covers ‘creatives’ of all types, with a variety of guests lined up to give a taster of different experiences and industry knowledge.

Clifford added: “There is hardly anything like this on YouTube, so there is huge potential. There aren’t any decent UK interview shows, although they are very popular in the US.”

As owner of the studios, when Clifford isn’t producing the show, he spends his days teaching and filming.

He explained: “I have aimed for a long time to help grow a network of creative people, and to find ways that they can be more widely promoted.”

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“A show like Creative Herts gives them an opportunity to talk frankly and honestly about their careers, achievements, highs and lows etc, which is both good for their exposure, and good for anyone looking to get into their particular industry.”

The show comes out every Monday at 10am.

“It’s very early days for the show, but already there is plenty of interest, lots of new guests signing up, and some initial interest in potential sponsorship, but we could use more!” added Clifford.

You can view the latest episode of the Creative Herts Show via the following website link: