St Albans’ Verulamium Park spikes ‘pose hazard to cyclists’

Spiked railings in Verulamium Park

Spiked railings in Verulamium Park - Credit: Archant

SPIKED railings in Verulamium Park are putting cyclists lives at risk according to a local campaigner.

Peter Wares, who is a member of the Verulamium Park Consultative Forum and a regular cyclist, has urged St Albans district council to remove the metal railings that line the footpath at the entrance to the park from King Harry Lane.

He claims that due to the lack of ‘no cycling’ signs, bikes often used the footpath and if they came into contact with the spikes they could sustain serious injuries, or face prosecution for riding along it.

Mr Wares, of Ramsbury Road, St Albans, said: “The path running down from King Harry Lane is very steep and narrow and I fear that should a cyclist lose control while entering the park the cyclist could sustain serious or fatal injury, should he or she collide with these spiked railings.

“I am puzzled why these spiked railings have remained in place when those alongside the Roman Wall were removed over five months ago.”

While a new cycle-friendly route that runs from King Harry Lane to the Fighting Cocks pub opened in October, the council has confirmed this stretch of path is only intended for pedestrians.

Richard Shwe, head of community services at the council, said: “The southern end of the designated cycle path begins at the timber bollard just north of the railings and footbridge where the path widens out.

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“The beginning of the cycle path is indicated by the signage at that point.

“However, we appreciate that the signage at the King Harry Lane entrance could be improved to make it clearer that cyclists should dismount at this narrow point until they reach the beginning of the designated cycle path across the footbridge.

“We have put up some temporary signage to make this clear. Permanent signage will be erected shortly.”