St Albans town hall advertising display given go-ahead

St Albans Town Hall. Credit: Catherine Gill

St Albans Town Hall. Credit: Catherine Gill - Credit:

An advertising display mounted to the facade of St Albans town hall has been greenlit by the council.

The 9.5m-high and 8.5m-wide display was granted conditional planning permission on Monday, April 3.

The display will incorporate iconic St Albans themes, including Roman history, the War of the Roses, and Eric Morecambe.

Images will be projected onto the display from a projector located in the compound.

The display is only intended to last for the duration of the construction work.

Portolio holder for leisure, Annie Brewster, said: “We could potentially feature a different story on the hour, which could become quite an attraction.”

Conditions attached to the planning permission include a ban on displaying moving images.

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Each image used in the display cannot change more frequently than five seconds.

And the display cannot be used between midnight and 9am.

The permission expires on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.