St Albans teen rapper who isn’t too cool to say thank you to his mum

Lewis Montgomery-Moore with mum Debbie Dennick

Lewis Montgomery-Moore with mum Debbie Dennick - Credit: Archant

An emerging 18-year-old rapper has paid tribute to the mother who “means everything” to him in his latest song.

Lewis Montgomery-Moore from Colney Heath Lane, St Albans, released ‘Dear Mum’ on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and other digital platforms earlier this month.

The hip hop record is an emotive account of the love and respect he holds for Debbie Dennick, who has supported him through serious health problems - despite also being blighted by chronic debilitating illness.

Lewis, who goes by the artist name of Lewis M-Moore, was born with two kidneys but one “disappeared” when he was a few months old.

Their unbreakable mother and son bond has seen him through many operations, tests and uncertain spells in hospital: “My mum means everything to me. She is the one person who has always been there for me and helped me through everything. She got me through a lot of operations and difficult times when I was younger, from losing my kidney when I was born.

Lewis Montgomery-Moore with mum Debbie Dennick

Lewis Montgomery-Moore with mum Debbie Dennick - Credit: Archant

“I underwent several operations to save my remaining kidney, and suffered severe neuropathic pain in my abdomen, legs and head which required me to be on morphine and use a TENS machine for eight years.

“Still today she comes with me to London multiple times a month to four different hospitals for ongoing operations and appointments with multiple specialists. One kidney disappeared without a reason when I was a few months old and I have a lot of complex urology problems.”

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The former Beaumont School pupil suffers from autonomic dysfunction – meaning his body doesn’t regulate normal temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, insulin production and blood sugar levels. He has been writing songs since he was 14 and realised it helps him to deal with how he feels.

Speaking about the track, Lewis added: “The popularity bar on iTunes was completely full in less than 24 hours. The response has been amazing and I have received positive messages from everyone who has heard it. A lot of people can relate to it – for example, if they are close with their mum or have a step dad or medical problems themselves.

Lewis Montgomery-Moore.

Lewis Montgomery-Moore. - Credit: Archant

“I think it was important that I did this song for my mum because it is the least she deserves for everything she does for me and has done for me. Every single one of my friends, boy or girl, who has been to my house all loves her as well.”