St Albans taxi drivers urged to join forces

TAXI drivers are being urged to form a trade association to meet St Albans district council and discuss problems they are experiencing.

The proposal that a taxi trade association be created followed a meeting between the council, police and local drivers to discuss the future of the taxi service in the district.

The taxi drivers raised a number of issues of concern including parking difficulties in the St Peter’s Street rank and their desire to see a feeder rank created, their views on the need for additional ranks in the district, arrangements for taxi-hailing points, the possibility of limiting the number of taxi licences issued and points about fees and the fare structure.

Also aired were problems with unattended vehicles, highways obstruction, damage to pavements and private hire vehicles plying for trade.

Cllr Chris Oxley, whose council portfolio includes taxi-related matters, said: “We very much appreciate the work that the taxi trade does for the city and district. Of course their demands have got to be balanced against the needs of the whole community. We very much hope that they will form a taxi trade association which will help constructive dialogue.”