St Albans students’ leaving video goes viral after tweet from rapper Iggy Azalea

St Albans High School for Girl viral take on Iggy Azalea's Fancy video

St Albans High School for Girl viral take on Iggy Azalea's Fancy video - Credit: Archant

Most students simply sign shirts on their last day at school but one set of pupils managed to catch the eye of a chart-topping Australian rapper with a short film they created.

Year 13 pupils from St Albans High School for Girls paid homage to Iggy Azelia’s new single Fancy with their own music video and even managed to rope teachers into the production.

In just under a week the video got the attention of the 23-year-old superstar and was posted onto her Facebook page to almost two million fans, helping them reach just under 10,000 YouTube hits.

And if that was not enough, TV personality Ben Fogle also tweeted one of the leavers and said he hoped to watch the video after a picture of him featured in it.

The British explorer had met the Year 13’s earlier in the year and gave the girls an inspiring talk, as part of former headmistress Elizabeth Diggory’s memorial lectures, before showing his funnier side and posing for a ‘selfie’.

Year 13 Julian House officer Danielle Hall, who also acted as Question Master for Ben’s visit and showed him around the school, said: “We’d seen some other schools across Herts making lip-sync videos and we thought we’d show them how it’s done properly. We also wanted a final memory of our muck up day.”

The 17-year-old said her classmates chose the song as it was a common room hit they could not stop singing. Her friend Shivali Chavda saw that Iggy, born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, had been asking people to send in their videos and messaged it to her, to which the famous Aussie replied with a heart emoticon and posted it up on her page.

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Danielle added: “Everyone went into hysterics when she replied and posted it because they thought it wouldn’t get that big.

“We’ve received some hate, but we’ve been taking inspiration from a quote in Mean Girls: ‘Don’t let the haters stop you doing your thing’.”