St Albans student helps Hollywood actor boost online presence

Ruba Wilson

Ruba Wilson - Credit: supplied

A chance meeting in America, where they clicked over a shared love of Christian Louboutin trainers, has resulted in an actor asking a London Colney student for help to boost his online presence.

Dylan Musanhu, of London Colney, has been in Los Angeles

Dylan Musanhu, of London Colney, has been in Los Angeles - Credit: DYLANMUSANHU

Ruba Wilson, who stars on reality show Flex & Shanice, featuring a celebrity couple living in a rental home with their extended family, aired on the Oprah Winfrey network, was introduced to Dylan Musanhu, 20, while he was on holiday in Los Angeles.

Dylan is a former Marlborough Science Academy pupil who is now studying media production at the University of Herts in Hatfield.

He and Ruba met via mutual friends who had invited both men to a poetry event in Los Angeles.

Dylan said: “After we were introduced, the conversation started off with him saying, ‘Oh my God, I like your shoes’. We were wearing the same Christian Louboutin sneakers, but in different colours, and that’s when we connected and started to talk about social media.

Dylan Musanhu, of London Colney, has been in Los Angeles, where he met Ruba Wilson

Dylan Musanhu, of London Colney, has been in Los Angeles, where he met Ruba Wilson - Credit: DYLANMUSANHU

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“I had no idea who he was. The event was really good, as it was talking about some of the issues they are facing as black people in America.

“So we were walking and talking about it, and Ruba was asking about my accent. I said I was from England.”

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Seeing a photo on Dylan’s mobile phone of the student attending a Golden Globes ‘watch along party’ hosted by E! in London, prompted Ruba to quiz the student about his success.

Dylan has regularly featured in the Herts Advertiser for catching the eye of celebrities including Nicki Minaj.

Upon checking Ruba’s online presence, Dylan found that he did not have a Wikipedia page and there was an unverified Facebook page on him.

So Dylan has improved this by organising Ruba’s Wikipedia page, including links, resulting in over 50,000 views since April 8.

When Dylan returns to Los Angeles in May, they will discuss Ruba’s website, and possibly do a video collaboration for YouTube - where the actor has over three million channel views and 14,000 subscribers.

Dylan said: “It wasn’t difficult talking to Ruba, although he’s a celebrity, as we clicked automatically over our shoes.”

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