St Albans streets to be free of Potters Bar “stupid, thug” brothers: Crown Court judge

Havana nightclub

Havana nightclub - Credit: Archant

Three brothers branded ‘thugs’ after a man was attacked outside a St Albans nightclub have been ordered to abide by a six-month curfew.

Judge John Plumstead told Josh, Kane and Ryan Viala their night-time curfew started on Monday (27) to rid the city’s streets of their “stupidity and violence”.

At St Albans Crown Court yesterday (Monday), prosecutor Kevin West said that the three brothers, from Potters Bar, had left the Havana nightclub (Victoria Street) at 2am on December 13, 2014.

Their group was talking to a woman, who was asked by her house-mate if she wanted to go home when trouble broke out.

Mr West said that one of the brothers’ friends “got into [the victim’s]’ face and then Ryan Viala pushed him”.

He went on: “A large scuffle broke out and Ryan Viala ended up on the ground.

“Josh and Kane ran over to [the victim] and punched him to the face and kicked him on the floor. They were shouting and swearing.”

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Then, when the police arrived, a woman officer was injured by her handcuffs as she struggled with Kane Viala on the ground.

And another officer had to use an incapacitant spray to control Josh Viala, who had spat on his leg and helmet.

Ryan Viala, who had left the scene, was later identified by CCTV.

The victim was left with a permanent scar on his nose from a cut. He also suffered a bump on his temple and a lump on his head. His £65 Ralph Lauren polo shirt was ripped.

Kane, 23, pleaded guilty to affray, causing actual bodily harm and possession of amphetamine.

Josh, 19, admitted affray, causing actual bodily harm and assaulting a constable in the execution of her duty.

Ryan, 26, pleaded guilty to affray.

Max Hardy, defending Josh and Ryan, said: “It was wholly unacceptable behaviour. It was closing time. Regrettably, alcohol had been taken and there was misplaced filial loyalty.”

He said Josh worked as a builder and Ryan, who coaches football, is a landscape gardener.

Sean Smith, defending Kane, asked for credit for his guilty plea.

Judge John Plumstead said: “They drank more than they could cope with and behaved like thugs.”

He ordered them to abide by an electronically-monitored curfew between 10pm and 4am for the next six months, saying the streets of St Albans will be free from their “stupidity and violence” for the next few months.

Kane and Josh were each given a six-month jail sentence suspended for two years and must both pay the victim £750 compensation. Ryan must pay £250 compensation.