St Albans store to host body building superstar Jay Cutler

Body building superstar Jay Cutler will be making an appearance at a small St Albans store

Body building superstar Jay Cutler will be making an appearance at a small St Albans store - Credit: Archant

A small nutrition shop newly settled in a St Albans street will be hosting a body building superstar expected to attract fans from across the country.

More Than Nutrition on Catherine Street, which opened just three months ago, will be visited by four-times Mr Olympia winner Jay Cutler on Tuesday (30).

The world renowned body builder has a strong following and as many as 1,000 are expected to flock to the shop to catch a glimpse of the star.

Beating an estimated 500 shops and gyms pining to host Mr Cutler, More Than Nutrition will be his only stop in the south of the UK on the worldwide tour.

Co-owner of the business, Amir Hezareh, said: “The whole of London, the whole of the South wanted him, all the gyms. We don’t know what’s going on, this is unheard of.

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“Any new business, the first 12 months it’s a question of ‘are they going to survive, are they going to survive?’, but within a month of opening they were calling us up saying ‘we want to use your premises’.

Liam Smith, co-owner and business partner with Amir, added: “You only have to look at his Instagram pages to see that when he goes to a place he attracts thousands of fans.”

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Amir added that more celebrity visits were in the pipeline.

Jay Cutler’s visit will take place from 10am until midday and the meet and greet is on a first come, first serve basis.

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