St Albans snapper telling stories for communities in Africa and Asia

Taking photographs saves lives – according to one St Albans dad with a difference.

Adam Dickens, 44, Cambridge Road, has undertaken 36 trips to East Africa and Asia - and flown the equivalent of 12 times round the world in the last seven years.

The father-of-one has spent more than a year abroad documenting the work of 12 small charities in nine countries, which would otherwise go unnoticed. During this time he has gifted more than 40,000 photos.

He has just launched a new crowd-funding appeal, aiming to drum up £15,000 to pay for five trips to visit eight small charities this year.

Adam works as a designer and photographer but his real passion is photography.

He said: “I just absolutely love taking photos - especially photos that can make a real difference. I am not paid for my time, work accommodation or travel.

“These trips will provide the charities working in Africa and Asia with thousands of images, videos and stories that will transform the way they raise awareness and get funding for their incredible work.

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“Small charities do amazing work but they have a big problem. They can’t afford good photographers to help them tell their story. Without a story you can’t fundraise. Without funds you can’t carry on.

“Help me give opportunities to these charities so they get the attention they deserve and can continue with their life-changing work. One charity said my pictures were key to them changing 25,000 lives.”

The way crowd-funding works is that supporters pledge donations online. If the full target amount is not pledged, then none of the money is given. In the last two years, since he started using crowd-funding to pay for trips, £23,000 has been raised.

What is special about this campaign is that unlike large well-known charities, these ones have little resources of their own yet they restore dignity and hope to those who go on to sustain livelihoods, gain education and live brighter futures in their communities.

“To continue providing visual resources, help and assistance to small charities across Africa and Asia, I am looking for your help to make it happen,” Adam added.

Some of the causes he has worked with include Hope for Children (Ghana and Uganda), Deki UK (Togo), The Book Bus - which improves child literacy rates in Africa, Asia and South America – and Salt of the Earth (India), supporting integrated rural development projects.

To find out more and see the video Adam has made about his journey, click here.